Jun 12


Once you Unlock iPhone 4 5.0.1, you will be presented with many means to maximize and explore more ways for you to enjoy the communication features of your mobile device. This is because it will no longer tie you up with a single network.

Here are ways for you to release your device so you can say goodbye to the chains that bind you with a single network:

a. Download Software

First, find and download a software which will help you with the process. You can simply find it by typing the appropriate or related keywords in search engines. The most common or preferred software for this is Blackra1n.

b. Plug Device to PC

Make sure to plug the cable of your device to the USB port your PC before running the program.

c. Run the Program

To run the program, simply choose the “make it ra1n” icon that can be found in the middle of the Blackra1n tools.

d. Wait for the Automated Process to Finish

After clicking the Blackra1n icon, just wait for the automated process to finish. This will enable you to release your device from the binds of your single network. You will know that this process is finished once your device reboots.

e. Turn Off Device

Turn off your handheld device by pressing the power button and sliding the icon that appears to the right part of its screen.

f. Test Your Device

Test your device for you to determine whether the process has been successfully completed. Just insert a SIM card from another network then turn your device on. Once you see the network icon appear on your screen, you will know that you have accomplished your goal. Other ways of testing it can be in the form of sending a text message or making a call.

The method to unlock iPhone 4 5.0.1 is pretty simple. You just have to find the software on the web, connect your device, let the program run, turn it off then insert another SIM and turn it on. Once you have made a successful call or sent a text message, you will already be able to use other networks.

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Sometimes, there are certain issues involved when using freeware to unlock iPhone 4 5.0.1 like getting a malware especially when the site you used is not that reliable. You may expose yourself to risks like sharing your personal information to other people. However, our tool is definitely safe and we guarantee satisfaction to our customers. This is much safer than getting a software from an unreliable site. Why don’t you try it yourself?

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